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    Welcome to visit Hebei Jufeng rubber products Co., ltd.!
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    Jufeng rubber cooperation success


    China rubber products manufacturing

    Leading supplier

    • Has many advanced production equipment
    • According to customer drawings, samples for the development, production, processing
    • Application of modern technology management, products occupy all markets at home and abroad
    • The company has advanced large scale three yuan of ethylene and propylene microwave vulcanization line 10, rubber extruder machine, flat vulcanizing machine, 66 note
    • Machine 7 units, specializing in the production of various materials of composite extrusion, extrusion, rubber products, butt molding, injection molding, molding parts, standard parts, O ring, the annual production capacity of 5600 tons. At the same time, there are more than 30000 kinds of mould, such as physical and chemical laboratory, measuring room, measuring and measuring equipment, and various kinds of sealing strips
    • The main production of various types of resin precision injection molding products and PP, PE, TPE, ABS, PVC, PS and other plastic injection products. The automobile air pump and the filter assembly are suitable for light and heavy duty trucks, buses, agricultural transport vehicles, etc.
    • Through the GB/T19001-1800IDTISO1800 international quality system certification
    • ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, ISO / TS16949:2002 quality system certification
    • The same product than the price
    • Same price than quality
    • I need our products, we have the lowest price in the industry to serve you
    • 24 hours online consultation

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